Binns Construction

Mission Statement
Binns Construction has been a part of the Las Cruces building Industry for 50 years. It is our mission to bring growth to Las Cruces as well as build quality for a lifetime of ownership. We are committed to being flexible and available to all of our clients to make sure our customers are satisfied.
You can count on!

Eddie Binns

In June 1963 my goal was to set out to build not only the finest home in Las Cruces, but to also build a home that everyone could afford. The road to my success was at times rocky to say the least. Now after nearly 49 years, Eddie Binns has accomplished this goal for more than 3000 customers.

I now want to take this opportunity to personally thank each and everyone of these home owners for giving Binns Construction the privilege of building their dream home and to assure the next 3000 customers that we are more dedicated than ever to assurance that your home is built from the finest materials available, engineered to last many generations, and be the home that you dreamed it would be.

Over the years, I have put my name on each and every home that we have built and I take a great deal of pride in knowing that you, the customer, have come to recognize the quality and special design we produce at Binns homes. Our intent has always been to be leaders in the industry, to innovate not imitate, and over the next fifty years we will be first in producing affordable, new and exciting improvements in the Las Cruces housing industry.
You have my word on it!

This June, Binns Construction will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary of Building in the Las Cruces area. The economy is beginning to turn around in the building industry slowly, and we will be here to serve the industry in new construction of homes as demand picks up. With Binns Construction it’s not just one generation of Family, David Binns and Mike Binns will continue to provide affordable homes for families. Mike has been involved in the Real Estate sales division for a few years, and has a banking background, which he can help customers understanding the home buying process, through lending institutions.

David Binns has been involved in all aspects of the construction business for twenty years. Learning from his father, Eddie whom has showed him how to be successful and to continue the goal of affordable homes. Binns construction has been around for fifty years and will have another fifty years coming with third generations eager to help out and learn the family business.