2222 Avenida De Mesilla

CASA ROSA in Town of Mesilla

2222 Avienida De Mesilla
Highway 28

An adorable historic House located in the heart of the town of Mesilla.

This property sits next to the main highway 28 that runs through Mesilla and is directly across from the town hall. From the new viga covered entrance designed in the west side of the property, one can see the church steeples of the historical San Albino Catholic Church. This house converted to leasable space could be a great location for a professional office of sorts or retail shop, catering to local and out of town buyers alike. From the old wood doors to its original adobe walls this house has a warm and cozy feel. The approximate square footage is around 1700 sq ft and market rental rate is $ 1700.

Currently Available 1700 sq ft
$ 1700/ month